Article | . 2019 Vol. 37, Issue. 2
Breeding of Yellow Small-Type Phalaenopsis ‘Yellow Scent’ with Fragrance

Floriculture Research Division, National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science, Rural Development Administration1
Gene Engineering Division, National Institute of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration2

2019.. 304:310


A new yellow small-type Phalaenopsis cultivar, ‘Yellow Scent’, was developed by the National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science, Rural Development Administration (Korea) in 2017. ‘Yellow Scent’ was derived by artificial crossing between fragrant yellow-colored cultivar P. Brother Sara Gold and P. Gold Tris in 2007. Five months after the cross, mature pods were harvested and cultured in vitro. Preliminary selection was carried out as ‘07-023-28’ in 2011 according to their excellent growth and flowering characteristics, such as flower color, shape, and fragrance. The stability and uniformity of the cultivar was evaluated through the first and second characteristics tests from 2012 to 2017 and named as ‘Yellow Scent’. ‘Yellow Scent’ has bright-yellow (RHS, Y7A) flowers with a pink center and no spots, and the small-sized florets measure 4.45 and 5.46 cm in length and width, respectively. The number of florets per inflorescence was 14.9, which was suitably large and abundant. ‘Yellow Scent’ was more fragrant than the male and female plants, although the pattern of fragrance was different between them.

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