Article | . 2017 Vol. 35, Issue. 1
Growth and Yield of Tomato and Cucumber Plants in Polycarbonate or Glass Greenhouses

Protected Horticulture Research Institute, National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science1
Department of Horticultural Science, Kongju Nat'l University2

2017.. 79:87


We examined the effect of two greenhouse covering materials (glass or solid polycarbonate sheets) on the light environment and growth of tomato and cucumber plants. Spectral analysis showed that polycarbonate sheets entirely blocked radiation in both the UV - B (300 - 320 nm) and UV - A (320 - 400 nm) ranges, whereas glass transmitted UV - A and was only opaque to UV - B. The transmittance of photosynthetically active radiation (400 - 700 nm) and near infrared radiation (700 - 1100 nm) was higher in polycarbonate than glass. Air and soil temperatures were not significantly different between greenhouses covered with either material. The growth of cucumber plants was slightly affected by covering materials, whereas no significant changes in growth parameters were observed for tomato plants. The color parameters of tomato fruits were affected by the cover material, whereas cucumber fruits showed similar coloration in both glass and polycarbonate greenhouses.

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