Article | . 2017 Vol. 35, Issue. 1
Effect of Substrates on the Growth and Flowering of Freesia hybrid ‘Gold Rich’ in Nutrient Culture

Department of Horticulture, Jeollabuk-do Agricultural Research and Extension Service1

2017.. 30:37


This study was conducted to determine the effects of various growth substrates on the growth and flowering of hydroponically grown Freesia hybrid ‘Gold Rich’. Perlite, peat moss and a perlite: peat moss mixture (1 : 1 ratio, v / v) were used as the growing media. The greatest plant height before flower bud differentiation was attained using mixed medium compared to the others. The type of medium used did not influence leaf number, mineral content or SPAD value in leaves. Flowering began at 137 days after planting in mixed medium, which was 13 days earlier than in perlite medium. The whole plant fresh weight was 21.3 g heavier in mixed medium than in perlite medium (40.9 g). A similar result was obtained for shoot length, with the highest value (96.6 cm) obtained in mixed medium, i.e., 20 cm higher than in perlite medium (76.6 cm). Floret number per plant was also the highest in mixed medium (14.4), i.e., 1.7 - times higher than in perlite medium. Therefore, among the substrates tested in this experiment, we recommend using mixed perlite: peat moss medium (1 : 1 ratio, v / v) for hydroponic culture of freesia, as the use of this medium improved the physical properties of the plants, producing the best results in terms of plant growth and cut-flower quality.

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