Article | 04. 2016 Vol. 34, Issue. 2
Analysis on Growth and Yield of Cherry Tomato Grown in a Two-Story Bed System Adapted to Strawberry Cultivation as Affected by the Planting Time during the Uncultivated Period

Protected Horticulture Research Institute, National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science, Rural Development Administration1
Department of Biological Sciences, Inje University2
Institute of Agriculture & Life Science, Gyeongsang National University3
Gyongsangbuk-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services4

2016.04. 228:235


This study was conducted to determine the yield of cherry tomato (Solanum lycopersicum Mill.) grown at three planting times during the uncultivated period of strawberry. Cherry tomato was planted under condition filled with strawberry dedicated culture medium on a two-story bed with April 20, April 30, and May 10 at 2015. Fruit harvest was completed on July 31. The supply concentration of nutrient solution at the time of transplanting was started as EC 1.2 dS·m-1 and it was gradually increased to EC 2.5 dS·m-1 after blooming of the first flower cluster. Netherlands PBG solution was supplied for one minute six times per day. The heights of cherry tomato plants planted at earlier were significantly greater than those of tomato plants planted later. The heights of cherry tomato plants grown at the bottom of the bed were greater than those grown in the upper bed. The yield of cherry tomatoes planted on April 20 at the bottom of the bed was greatest with an average of 2,954 g of tomatoes per plant. There were no significant differences in the average weight and sugar content of fruit according to planting times and bed position. The yield of cherry tomato plants planted on April 20 was 18% and 34% higher than that of plants planted on April 30 and May 10. We confirmed to increase the yield of the cherry tomato when early plants planted on two-story bed. These results indicate that farmers can choose the best period of producing cherry tomato during the un-cultivated period of strawberry under two-story bed conditions.

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