Article | 12. 2015 Vol. 33, Issue. 6
Breeding of Doritaenopsis ‘Hwasu 5205’ with Vivid Red and Large Flowers

Department of Horticultural Science, Kyungpook National University1
Sangmiwon Orchid2
Department of Horticultural Bioscience, Pusan National University3
Faculty of Horticulture & Landscaping, Catholic University of Daegu4

2015.12. 941:946


A new Doritaenopsis cultivar ‘Hwasu 5205’ was bred by Kyungpook National University, Korea, which produces young plants through tissue culture techniques. The new cultivar ‘Hwasu 5205’, showing the phenotype of vivid red and large flower type characteristics, was derived from crossing between Phalaenopsis Happy Valentine and Doritaenopsis Happy Rose. An elite individual, number ‘02-05-205’ later named as ‘Hwasu 5205’, was selected among about 300 individual progenies after more than 2 years of intensive selection covering vegetative and flowering distinctiveness. In year 2004-2005, 1st and 2nd characteristic analyses were carried out through performance and uniformity tests. ‘Hwasu 5205’ produces vivid red (RHS #PN78B) flowers of incurved type with large size, of 9.2 and 12.0 cm in flower height and width, respectively. Leaves of ‘Hwasu 5205’ grow horizontally and are about 24.3cm in length and 8.5cm in width, respectively. This cultivar possesses no genetic variation. It can be propagated rapidly in vitro and is easy to grow due to its vigorous growth habit. ‘Hwasu 5205’ was registered (Reg. #: 2915) to Korea Seed & Variety Service (KSVS) on 1st December, 2009 and the PBR(plant breeder's right)is currently controlled by Sangmiwon Orchid Company, Korea.

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