Article | 10. 2015 Vol. 33, Issue. 5
Effect of CO2 and ClO2 gas Pre-treatment for Maintain Shelf-life of Summer Strawberries

Department of Horticulture, Kangwon National University1

2015.10. 705:711


This study was conducted to maintain the postharvest shelf-life of summer strawberry cultivars ‘Goha’ and ‘Flamengo’ through CO2 (90%) and ClO2 gas (5μL・L-1) pre-treatment. The respiration rate of ‘Goha’ and ‘Flamengo’ treated with CO2 and CO2 + ClO2 was the lowest during storage. The weight loss with CO2 + ClO2 treatment was about 1% lower than the control group and ‘Goha’ was the lowest during storage. The pre-treatments effect on soluble solids contents was minimized. The firmness with CO2 and CO2 + ClO2 treatments was only about 30% higher than ClO2 and control. The firmness of ‘Goha’ was about 2.15N and ‘Flamengo’ was 2.37N, 15 days after storage. Decayed fruit was shown from after 6 days after storage in control. Control group lost quality 10 days after storage due to decayed fruit rate 20% of ‘Goha’ and ‘Flamengo’. CO2 and CO2 + ClO2 treatments showed the lowest decay rate during storage. Especially, ‘Goha’ showed around 5% decay fruit rate 10 days after storage. As a result, CO2 + ClO2 pre-treatment is recommended to extend the shelf-life of the summer strawberries.

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