Article | 10. 2015 Vol. 33, Issue. 5
Analysis of Conveyance Environment and Pre-treatment on Quality Maintenance of Cut Dendranthema grandiflorum ‘Baekma’ during Ship Export to Japan

Department of Environmental Horticulture, College of Bio-resource Science, Dankook University1

2015.10. 697:704


This study was carried out to investigate conveyance environment during shipping export to Japan and the optimum pre-treatment of cut Dendranthema grandiflorum ‘Baekma’. Shipping from Korea to Japan, which usually takes three to five days, requires keeping the flower at the ideal temperature. When inspection took place in Japan, the ideal temperature was lost and deterioration began. Once the ideal temperature is lost, deterioration takes place. The results of this work showed that vase life was extended by treatment Chrysal RVB and NaOCl compared to the control (distilled water), and Chrysal RVB was used to maintain the flower from bud to full bloom. Bacterial growth was not observed after pretreatment with NaOCl or ClO2. However, ClO2 pre-treatment was observed to affect the early growth period of the bacteria. The chlorophyll content was the highest after Chrysal RVB or NaOCl pretreatment compared to the other treatments. Therefore, these results support pretreatment with NaOCl and Chrysal RVB of Dendranthema grandiflorum ‘Baekma’ for export to Japan.

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