Article | 08. 2015 Vol. 33, Issue. 4
Breeding of a Multi-flowering and Early-flowering White Calla Lily Cultivar ‘White Cutie’ Resistant to Soft Rot Disease

Floriculture Research Division National Horticultural Research Institute, Rural Development Administration1
National Agrobiodiversity Center, Rural Development Administration2

2015.08. 618:623


The new white calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) cultivar ‘White Cutie’ was bred at the National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science (NIHHS) in 2011. ‘Childsiana’ showing the multi-flowering characteristic and ‘Wedding March’ resistant to soft rot disease were artificially crossed in 2004. Of the progeny, ‘White Cutie’ was selected specifically for use in cut flower production after investigation over seven years (2005 to 2011) of genetic and phenotypic characteristics, resistance against soft rot, and customer preference regarding the culture vigor and post-harvest quality. ‘White Cutie’ was early flowering (85.6 days to flowering) with white flowers (RHS W155C), although it had a mid-sized flower in which spathe height and width were 8.6 cm and 8.7 cm, respectively. It was multi-flowering (6.2 flowers per plant) and produced a very high number of cormels (13.4 per plant). Furthermore, it was resistant to soft rot disease.

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