Article | 08. 2015 Vol. 33, Issue. 4
Isolation and Functional Identification of BrDSR, a New Gene Related to Drought Tolerance Derived from Brassica rapa

Department of Horticultural Biotechnology, Kyunghee University1

2015.08. 575:584


Drought stress is a crucial environmental factor determining crop survival and productivity. The goal of this study was to clearly identify a new drought stress-tolerance gene in Brassica rapa. From KBGP-24K microarray data with the B. rapa ssp. pekinensis inbred line ‘Chiifu’ under drought stress treatment, a gene which was named BrDSR (B. rapa Drought Stress Resistance) was chosen among 738 drought-responsive unigenes. BrDSR function has yet to be determined, but its expression was induced over 6-fold by drought. To characterize BrDSR, the gene was isolated from B. rapa inbred line ‘CT001’ and found to contain a 438-bp open reading frame encoding a 145 amino acid protein. The full-length cDNA of BrDSR was used to construct an over-expression vector, ‘pSL100’. Tobacco transformation was then conducted to analyze whether the BrDSR gene can increase drought tolerance in plants. The BrDSR expression level in T1 transgenic tobacco plants selected via PCR and DNA blot analyses was up to 2.6-fold higher than non-transgenic tobacco. Analysis of phenotype clearly showed that BrDSR-expressing tobacco plants exhibited more tolerance than wild type under 10 d drought stress. Taking all of these findings together, we expect that BrDSR functions effectively in plant growth and survival of drought stress conditions.

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