Article | 08. 2015 Vol. 33, Issue. 4
The Potassium to Magnesium Ratio Enables the Prediction of Internal Browning Disorder during Cold Storage of Asian Pears

Department of Horticultural and Landscape Architecture, National Taiwan University1
Pear Research Institute, National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science2
Department of Horticulture, Chonnam National University3
Department of Horticulture and Biotechnology, Chinese Culture University4

2015.08. 535:541


‘Taichung No. 2’ is a new Asian pear cultivar developed in Taiwan with low chilling requirement; however, is likely to develop internal browning disorder under low temperature storage conditions. We investigated the impact of storage time on flesh browning disorder in pears harvested from 22 orchards in 2010 and 2011, and analyzed the levels of nutrients in different fruit parts such as the peel, flesh, and core. Calcium and potassium contents were higher in the flesh and peel, respectively, of more severely browned fruits, whereas a lower magnesium content was recorded in the peel and core of these fruits. Nitrogen and potassium contents in the peel, and calcium content in the flesh were positively correlated with browning disorder severity. By contrast, the magnesium content in the core was negatively correlated with browning disorder severity. However, the nutrient contents in fruits varied between the two sampling years considered. Only the K/Mg ratio was an effective predictor of the browning disorder severity and showed a positive linear correlation in the two years. We recommend that the K/Mg ratio should be lower than 10 to avoid severe browning disorder in pears.

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