Article | 02. 2015 Vol. 33, Issue. 1
Effects of Shipping Temperature and Harvesting Stage on Quality and Vase Life of Cut Flowers in Dendranthema grandiflorum ‘Baekma’ for Export

Depratment of Horticultural Science, Mokpo National University1
Institute of Natural Resources, Mokpo National University2

2015.02. 61:69


This study was carried out to investigate the effects of shipping temperature and harvesting stage on the quality and vase life of cut flower in standard chrysanthemum ‘Baekma’ for export. Cut flowers harvested at flowering stage 4 were stored for 24 hours at 5°C, and then quality and vase life were evaluated after simulated shipping for 48 hours at 5, 20, and 35°C. In addition, cut flowers harvested in flowering stage 1 to stage 6 were evaluated after simulated shipping for 72 hours at 5°C. As shipping temperature increased, CO2 concentration inside the box rapidly increased, and O2 concentration greatly decreased. The vase life of cut flowers was extended by 3 days and chlorophyll content of leaves, fresh weight, solution uptake, and flower diameter were better maintained in 5°C shipping than in 20 or 35°C shipping. The vase life of cut flowers harvested at flowering stage 1 or 2 was extended by 5.2 or 5.5 days compared to those harvested at flowering stage 6, more 6. The fresh weight was lower and flower diameter was smaller by 1.3 or 2.5 cm in cut flowers of flowering stages 1 through 3 than flowering stages 4 through 6. In addition, the cut flowers of flowering stages 4 through 6 showed higher solution uptake than those of flowering stages 1 through 3. These results suggest that shipping at 5°C of cut flowers harvested at flowering stage 4 is preferential for promoting vase life and quality of cut flower in standard chrysanthemum ‘Baekma’ for export to Japan.

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