Article | 12. 2014 Vol. 32, Issue. 6
Construction of DNA Profile Data Base of Strawberry Cultivars Using Microsatellite Markers

Variety Testing Division, Korea Seed and Variety Service, Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs1
Vegetable Research Division, National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science2
Department of Genetic Engineering, College of Natural Resources and Life Science, Dong-A University3

2014.12. 853:863


This study was carried out to construct a DNA profile database of 100 strawberry cultivars using microsatellite markers. Two hundred seventy four microsatellite primer pairs were screened with a set of 21 strawberry cultivars with different morphological traits. Twenty five primer pairs were selected because they produced reliable and reproducible fingerprints. These primer pairs were used to develop DNA profiles of 100 strawberry cultivars. Three to thirteen alleles were detected by each marker with an average of 7.50. The average polymorphism information content varied from 0.331 to 841 (average 0.706). Cluster analysis showed that the 100 cultivars were divided into 7 major groups reflecting geographic origin and pedigree information. Moreover, most of the cultivars could be discriminated by marker genotypes. These markers will be useful as a tool for the protection of plant breeders’ intellectual property rights in addition to providing the means to intervene seed disputes relating to variety authentication.

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