Article | 12. 2014 Vol. 32, Issue. 6
Effect of Day-length Extension Treatment Using LED on Growth and Flowering of Freesia hybrid ‘Yvonne’

Department of Horticulture, Jeollabuk-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services1

2014.12. 794:802


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of day-length extension treatment using LED lighting (blue, green, red, or 3 mixed) on vegetative growth and flowering of freesia ‘Yvonne’, in comparison to that using glow lamps and metal halide lamps. Lighting treatments were imposed from 5 PM to 8 PM for 150 days from after flower bud differentiation to flowering end. For the period from leaf emergence to floral bud formation, no light source affected plant height but the number of leaves was decreased by the metal halide lamp. The highest SPAD value in the flower bud developing period occurred in the metal halide lamp treatment. The time of flowering was advanced by blue or green LED treatment compared to the no lighting control. The green LED lighting advanced flowering by 6 and 8 days compared to no lighting and metal halide lamp treatment, respectively. The blooming period tended to be shortened by the red LED treatment. As for the flower characteristics of ‘Yvonne’, floret length and width, and the weight of cut flowers were highest in the metal halide lamp treatment. Red LED decreased corm width and weight of ‘Yvonne’ while glow lamp decreased height and weight. Starch contents in corm were not influenced by the lighting source. Our results indicate that the green LED lighting advanced the time of flowering and the metal halide lamp was good for cut-flower quality.

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