Article | 06. 2014 Vol. 32, Issue. 3
Suitable Yields Reflecting Consumer Preferences in ‘Hongisul’ Grapes

Department of Integrative Plant Science, School of Bioresource and Bioscience, Chung-Ang University1

2014.06. 303:309


The purpose of this study is to suggest indicators and proper standards to forecast the sensory quality of ‘Hongisul’ grape. Further, this study determines the optimum fruit load of ‘Hongisul’ grape reflecting consumer preference. Among several quality attributes, identified through instrumental and sensory evaluation, soluble solid-acid ratio was the most useful indicator of consumer preference for ‘Hongisul’ grapes. The ideal soluble solid-acid ratio for marketable grapes was found to be higher than 86.3. Analysis on the effects of fruit load control on fruit quality revealed a negative correlation where the latter increased as the former decreased. This trend is common for all grape species. The field with a fruit load of 1,400 kg・10 a-1 exhibited a soluble solid-acid ratio of less than 86.3, uneven coloring and slow softening texture at the mature stage. However, fruit quality proved excellent in the field with a fruit load of 1,200 kg・10 a-1 or less. It is therefore proposed that fruit load should be controlled to 1,200 kg・10 a-1 or less when growing ‘Hongisul’ grapes to produce high quality grapes. We believe that this result can be used as a standard in judging harvest time and evaluating fruit quality.

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