Article | 4. 2014 Vol. 32, Issue. 2
Perforation Adjustment of Unit Package for ‘Fuji’ Apples during Short-term Cold Storage and Export Simulation

Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Andong National University1
Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, Andong National University2
Department of Horticultural Sciences, Kyungpook National University3

2014.4. 184:192


Various types of unit packaging methods were applied for ‘Fuji’ apples during short-term cold storage and export simulation. Gas tightness of the package was controlled stepwise in the successive two-year experiments using different perforation treatments (none, punch hole, or pinhole) and sealing methods (tie vs. heat seal). Risk of tight packaging and effectiveness of macroperforation on weight loss and quality maintenance were analyzed as related to changes in gas concentration inside the packages. Immediately after harvest, each 5 apple units were packaged in 40 μm polypropylene (PP) film bags, stored 4 weeks at 0°C, and then put on the shelf for one week at ambient temperature in the preliminary experiment, In the main experiment, export process was imposed after storage simulating 2 week refrigerated container shipment at 0°C plus one week local marketing at ambient temperature. Non-perforated film packaging with relatively high gas tightness induced flesh browning caused by carbon dioxide accumulation regardless of the sealing methods. Among perforated film packaging, in contrast, atmospheric modification was partly established only in the pinhole treatment and flesh browning symptom was not observed in all the treatments. Even the punch hole perforated film packaging without gas tightness effectively reduced the weight loss, whereas had slight benefits for quality maintenance. Reduced perforation using pinhole treatment seemed to improve sensory texture, while effects on physicochemical quality were insignificant. Overall results suggest the need of more minute perforation treatments on the packaging film to ensure modified atmosphere effects on quality maintenance.

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